We like to put
students first.

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At Grow Tuition we like to put students first. They are the front and centre of everything we do. We are interested in who they are, what they like, how they learn - everything that they and you want to share.

We believe from getting to know your child, who they are and how they learn best, we can support them and build their confidence. We know that once your child feels confident that they will achieve - we see this every day.

We are extremely proud of the work we do at Grow and the achievements our students. If you are interested in finding out more or booking a free consultation please feel free to email us.

What We Tutor


We tutor ages 4-18 in primary, secondary, GCSE and A-level subjects. All our tutors are fully qualified, DBS checked, teachers who are specialists in their fields. 

We offer primary, 11+ tuition, secondary, GCSE and A level subjects such as English, Maths, Science from our centre in central Hebden Bridge.

About Us

Sarah, one of the founders and tutors at Grow Tuition
Kathryn, one of the founders and tutors at Grow Tuition

Sarah and Kathryn, like all the tutors at Grow Tuition, are fully qualified teachers. Sarah is a primary specialist and Kathryn is a secondary specialist.

Their experiences of working in schools (they have over 20 years combined classroom experience) made them yearn for something more. They both loved working with students but felt frustrated at the systems that were placing undue pressure and stresses on the students they taught. From a desire to do things differently and give students the time, space and stress-free environment to build their confidence, Grow Tuition was born.

As well as our Hebden Bridge centre, we now have a new centre based in the picturesque area of Cottontree and Winewall in Colne, Lancashire.

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What Parents Say

You have been brilliant! We both couldn’t have survived the last 18 months without your help. I have been blown away by his progress. Thank you.

GCSE parent, June 2020
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So grateful for all that you have done, all of her grades are testimony to the support you gave.

GCSE parent, August 2019
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Interested in opening your own centre without the franchise fee? Grow Tuition Training is available on request.

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You are welcome to come and see our space and meet our tutors for a free no-obligation consultation. Please email to book or ask any questions that you may have.